100% Premium Coconut Shell Charcoal

Do you know ?

Coconut Shell Charcoal is many times more effective in air purification than bamboo and normal charcoal. 

Coconut shell activated carbon not only has millions of bigger cavities, but they have very high density of micro cavities and pores. These micro pores help to absorb the tiny particles in the air which makes ConutShell(TM) a premium class of charcoal in air purification.

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Natural Air Purifying Bags

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Fantastic quality. Came professionally packaged. Works great in my shoes. Keeps them fresh. Very happy with this purchase. I don't have to worry about shoes getting old. This keeps them clean and feeling like they are always new.

Sophie, California, USA

I simply love it and it has totally changed my perspective on coconut shell charcoal air purifying bags !

George Randall, USA

They are proven to be effective in removing the odors from my shoes. It's amazing, I leave it in my shoes for 3 days and the odour is gone.

Kate, Texas, USA

I put them in my wardrobe. I love the part where it's natural and it's using biodegrable materials. I am a fan of environment friendly products ! 5/5 stars

Josephine, Florida, USA